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Are you wondering when you'll learn the REAL truth about your health? Consider this your saving grace!

When Western Medicine meets Eastern Medicine, you’ll find yourself with the support of your hosts Dr. Shawn Tassone and Dr. Nat Kringoudis for the FIRST of its kind virtual women’s health membership.

The REAL Truth About Hormones is the largest online gathering of women’s health care experts and leaders in the world.

Each month Dr. Shawn and Dr. Nat hand select experts to share the REAL truth specific to their specialty.
Each speaker and leader brings forward expert advice to give you actionable steps to improve your health and wellbeing.

The REAL Truth About Hormones is an exclusive, on-demand library of interviews, interactive discussions, LIVE’s and more all with your health and hormones in mind!

Meet The Hosts of The REAL Truth About Hormones

Hello! I'm Dr. Tassone, but my patients call me Dr. T. Supporting women is my life's work. I'm a double board-certified OBGYN with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine and a PhD in Mind Body Medicine. Since my career began over 20 years ago I have helped over 40,000 women balance their hormones and achieve ultimate wellness. My goal is to reach women all over the world, in every stage of life, and help them better understand their bodies from the inside out.

Hi! I'm Nat Kringoudis and i'm a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Author, Speaker, and all around natural fertility expert. I'm also the founder of Melbourne's women's health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, creator of Yo'Nuts and producer of HealthTalks TV. But what do I really do? I make women's hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song.
The REAL Truth About Hormones Membership
The REAL Truth About Hormones not only spotlights each experts topic, but it also features over $6,000 worth of content with exclusive members only discounts, giveaways and MORE!   

+ Exclusive Access to NEW Monthly Content
+ Private Facebook LIVES with your hosts
+ Access To the Private Facebook Group
+ Over 30 Expert Videos
+ 3 Master Course Memberships
+ 4 Best-Selling Health & Wellness E-Books
+ 1 Hormone Balancing 3 Week Meal Plan
+ 1 World Leading Fasting Checklist
+ 1 PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Quiz
+ 1 EMF Action Plan
+ 1 Seed Cycling Protocol
+ 1 Essential Oils Cheat Sheet
+ 1 Top 7 Hormone Hacks
+ 1 The Metabolism Reset Program
+ 1 Cholesterol Lab Cheat Sheet 
+ PLUS the opportunity to change the course of your health



Normal Price: $59.97/month

Your Price: $39.97/month (for a limited time)

One Expert Speaker Focused On One Topic

Our expert speakers are focused on addressing the challenges with women's bodies, aging, and lifestyle. Each expert speakers topic is raw, honest, and REAL.  

+ Nutrition, Diet, Exercise and Wellbeing
+ Hormones and Aging
+ The Vital Signs of Your Period
+ Essential Oils for Hormone Regulation and Balance
+ EMF'S and Your Hormones
+ Metabolism
+ Relationships
+ Fasting, Nutrition and Your Hormones
+ Your Emotions and Your Hormones
+ Gut Health
+ Men's Health and Balanced Hormones
+ All About PCOS
+ Mold, Candida and Hormones
+ Aging, Menopause and Nutrition
+ Testing Your Hormones 
+ PLUS New Topics Added Monthly

Get To Know The Experts Behind The REAL Truth About Hormones

JJ Virgin

The REAL Truth About Nutrition,
Diet, Exercise and Wellbeing

Dr. Anthony Youn

The REAL Truth About Hormones
and Aging

Mariza Snyder

The REAL Truth About Essential
Oils for Hormone Regulation
and Balance


Normal Price: $59.97/month
Your Price: $39.97/month (for a limited time)

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